The modern liquor store point-of-sale system.

Transformity is a point-of-sale system for liquor stores that grows their business and saves them time.


What Our Users Say

  • "I have no doubt in my mind that this system is the key to success."

    Nick Conti, top 100 liquor retailer in the US
  • "I am big on technology, online presence, and data-driven marketing. I have found one of the best tools to serve my customers based on their interests and past purchases, which I can track through the Transformity customer loyalty program. Most importantly, this is an all-in-one system where I can run my multiple stores from one central system. Having a shared database for my stores is extremely powerful for side-by-side analysis and operations."

    Vikhil Patel, Owner of Townline Wine & Spirits chain
  • "Running a large warehouse store is tough, but it's a whole lot easier with Transformity's DrinksPOS. Invoices come into our system automatically, purchase orders are fast & very accurate, I can very clearly analyze our business, and the support is amazing - they respond right away!" 

    Jay Joshi, Owner & Manager of Bottle House
  • "Its simplicity is refreshing, making it incredibly user-friendly for both staff and customers. Transactions are lightning-fast, reducing wait times and improving overall efficiency. The integration with vendor pricing is seamless, ensuring accurate and up-to-date pricing information at all times.

    Moreover, the system's reliability and stability have been impressive. We haven't encountered any downtime or performance issues, which is crucial for maintaining smooth operations, especially during peak hours."

    Meet Ashar, Manager of RK Wine & Spirits
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Our team

  • Bidja param 674 pilotsf 0002
    Param Bidja
    Founder & CEO

    Param's parents have owned a liquor store in Connecticut for 20 years. He was previously a senior engineer at Amazon and graduated top of his class from UConn.

  • Img20220807195638
    Jay Patel
    Founder & CTO

    Jay's parents have owned liquor stores in New York and Rhode Island since he was born. He was previously a software engineer at Amazon and a top contributor on GitHub.

  • 1569366738828
    Raj Patel
    Founding Engineer

    Raj has a wealth of technical expertise from his own startups and time at Chewy. Not only is he strong full-stack developer, he's also a talented designer. When he's not working, you'll find him dunking on folks at a local gym.


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